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Lashing chains made by Ketten Wälder keep what they promise

Inappropriately lashed loads can cause great safety risks. At the same time, more and more new regulations are introduced, and available technologies are being constantly further developed. One thing, however, will always remain the same: the reliability of lashing chains made by Ketten Wälder. They are made of round steel chains with ratchet tighteners EN 12195-3 and meet grade 8.

In contrast with lashing straps, lashing chains do not only exhibit clearly better performance, but have also proved better resistance to aggressive substances. Wälder chains are used for securing loads in vehicles, lorries and low loaders. They are excellently suited for applications involving tensile forces of up to 100 kN.

In our downloadable product catalogue you will find information on ratchet tighteners, parallel hooks and additional accessories as well as a detailed overview of our entire range of products. Or just talk directly to your personal consultant, who will be pleased to answer any of your questions.

Here you can download further information concerning lashing chains as pdf-file.

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