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Innovative energy production relies on Ketten Wälder

Environmental technology is regarded as one of the growth markets of the future. German manufacturers in particular have excellent market positions. Perhaps because this kind of energy production belongs to the familiar landscape in many regions of Germany: On the mountains, on the shore - even offshore - there are plenty of these power plants called wind farms and their number is increasing.

The white power plants are full of high technology. However, they also contain classical devices such as gears, generators and disc brakes. These technical components can be found in the nacelle, which is the upper part of the power plant. In this area 100 % reliability and long service life are vital factors. We provide calibrated and accurately tested round steel chains with especially corrosion-resistant surface for this area of application. Our most recent innovation, Cromox chains, are used in the offshore area. Because the latest technology requires the latest materials - best from your chain manufacturer Ketten Wälder.



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