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Wälder Chains in Action: Logistics

Lashing chains for securing loads consist, among other things, of ratchet tighteners with parallel hooks. Often, these ratchet tighteners are real standard parts – with possibly fatal results: If stressed through jerks or heavy loads, the chain may shear and break. A seemingly good immediate solution was to reduce the admissible tensile force by 20 %, which, however, only increased the feeling of safety somewhat: one had now, e.g., a 10-metre-long chain with a tensile force of 63 kN, but could only use it for forces up to 50 kN. Moreover, those ratchet tighteners were not clearly assigned to a certain chain size, which involved additional safety risks.

This was not a solution to satisfy Ketten Wälder. We had the idea to change the parallel hooks of the ratchet tighteners by making the hook base broader so as to ensure that the load-bearing capacity was restored to 100 %. Moreover, all our ratchet tighteners are unmistakably assigned to a particular chain size with its own hook and clear labelling. For this is how our solutions have got to be: well thought out, safe, and always an inch ahead.

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