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Wälder Chains in Action: Industry

A supplier to an aircraft manufacturer was in urgent need of a solution for securing cargo in the freight compartment: In order to fix the cargo, a combination of a weld attachment and a welded ring was required. The supplier had large quantities of those weld attachments in stock, but it was almost impossible to procure the special rings in time. Almost impossible – for at Ketten Wälder we managed to manufacture the required parts in the short term and in the necessary high quality and to weld them into the attachments. And so the airplanes could be delivered on time – despite that little big problem.

A galvanizing company was looking – in vain – for specially made galvanizing hooks. At first. Searching through our product catalogues, we found welded-wire mesh hooks which, according to the customer’s ideas, looked similar to the galvanizing hooks that were needed. No problem for Ketten Wälder: We developed a manufacturing plan that was specially designed for the required hooks and were so able to provide a good solution to settle even this very special problem.

Another mission came up in connection with specially hardened and specially calibrated conveyor chains for military vehicles. Due to reasons of secrecy, the customer gave us no detailed information about the intended application. No secrecy at all was involved in the subsequent doing of our developers and production experts, who used their know-how to make exactly the right chain even for this application.

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