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Wälder Chains in Action: Forestry


Forestry chains made by Ketten Wälder are used in three dimensions:

  • land
  • water
  • and air

Tree trunks are transported directly out of the forest using tractors, transport machines, rope winches, helicopters, cableways or – as is often the case in Scandinavia – also on rivers. Whichever method is used, it always involves the use of chains – and, all over the world, those chains more and more often come from Ketten Wälder.

One problem that keeps occurring again and again is to determine the right length when using skidding chains in forestry. Foresters who have to do without a rope winch had a problem choosing the right length of their skidding chain. Either the chain was too short and did not go around the tree, or it was too long and was in the way during work. We solved the problem with a specially selected shortening element on the suspension link. Since that time we have recommended to choose a longer chain when working in the forest or in the field and adjust its length as needed.

Another example is the operation of forest cableways. One manufacturer needed a special chain for the following application: In order to spare the vegetation in steep terrain and to be as independent as possible of forest roads, trees are transported by means of forest cableways. A valley station and a top station as well as the necessary cable supports are installed on a temporary basis. A trolley running along the cable serves as means of transport. And it was right for the connection between the trolley and bundles of trees that a special chain was needed, which was to have a special fastener at one end for holding the trees to be transported. The material and workmanship of the chains and sling elements were to guarantee absolute safety in use – just the right challenge for Ketten Wälder to devise a real piece of quality.

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