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Round steel chains from Germany –
made by the renowned supplier Ketten Wälder

Safety is the big issue nowadays – whether it is in the field of environmental  and leisure technology, in forestry, in industry, in transport or in the construction business. Safety risks are enormous, as are the liability risks associated with them.
At Ketten Wälder we have made it our objective to provide you with just the right chains for many of your individual needs. Whether it is in the field of daily routine or for extraordinary fastening requirements – we are always at your side when top quality is demanded.

Certified Quality – made in Germany

Ketten made in Germany
Ketten zertifiziert

Whenever you want to connect, convey, or move something with chains, you can fully rely on our performance. All of our products undergo rigorous quality inspections, and each individual manufacturing step is continuously monitored as well. This has earned us the Quality Management Certificate awarded by the Confederation of German Cooperative Trade Associations. Just by the way: Our products are exclusively made in Germany – in Bad Endorf in the south of the country. Quality, however, means a lot more to us than just providing innovative and high-quality products – it also means providing you with obliging service and really helpful advice. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

Cromox chains made of stainless steel

Cromox is the innovation in the field of stainless–steel chains, offering real advantages in terms of resistance, in particular with respect to aggressive materials. The brand Cromox thus stands for innovative quality products made by Ketten Wälder. This new development reflects a lot of information obtained from customers in many conversations as well as long years of experience and intensive research. Click here for more information about the Cromox products by Ketten Wälder. Or, even better, why don’t you just contact one of our experts right away to find out what advantages these products have to offer for your special application. You will get to our chain experts by clicking here.

Ketten Cromox

Make the most of our extensive pool of information collected directly from practice, such as important safety instructions regarding  forestry, sling chains and lashing chains, which also includes well-founded tips for everyday safety in the handling of loads.

Innovative energy production relies on Wälder Chains

Modern environmental technology involves a lot of elements from the field of classical engineering, such as gears, generators, disk brakes, where reliability is of primary importance – just the right challenge for round steel chains made by Ketten Wälder.




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Safety instructions on sling chains, ratchet tighteners, lashing chains, forestry